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South Florida’s Premier Endurance Coaching Company Launches 2018 Race for Free Program

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

BodyZen Multisport Coaching

Contact: Lee Zohlman


February 12, 2018


South Florida’s Premier Endurance Coaching Company Launches 2018

Race for Free Program

Miami, Fl. – BodyZen Multisport Coaching, South Florida’s most well-known and longest running endurance sports coaching company launches its most robust program ever. BodyZen will pay the race entry for any athlete who signs up for a coaching program of four months or more. Whether it’s an Ironman, Sprint triathlon, marathon or adventure race the athlete will have their race entry fully covered by BodyZen. Race entry fee’s can run anywhere from $125.00-$750.00 so the athlete will see a huge savings. This program is available for any athlete and any race anywhere in the world. The Race for Free program will open Monday, February 19th, 2018 and run until March 15th, 2018.  Each athlete will also receive a personal training plan developed by High Performance Coach Lee Zohlman, one of only thirty high performance coaches in the world and a twenty-two year veteran of endurance sports. Coach Lee states, “I’m really excited about this new initiative since entry fees are so high right now. Many athletes are not entering races and experiencing the thrill and benefits of triathlons or marathons simply because they are expensive to enter.” Athletes will also receive a complimentary online training platform with dozens of unique features to allow them to upload, log, track and measure their daily training. Athletes who are interested can simply call or email Coach Lee to set up their Race for Free program.

About BodyZen:

BodyZen is passionately committed to helping people achieve their performance goals and in doing so improve their health and fitness while remaining injury free. BodyZen is focused on delivering the safest, current and most knowledgeable multi-sport training, testing and coaching programs available for individuals and groups. BodyZen is also committed to providing first class management services for World Class Professional triathletes while creating and executing successful media and marketing campaigns within the multi sport genre.


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