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BodyZen’s Top Tip for Swimming Faster and Longer

No one likes to be patient and triathletes are probably more guilty of wanting to rush things more than the average Joe. But in this crazy, upside down and all around world it turns out that focusing on your Achilles Heel or one of your personal weakness’ is exactly what you need to do to swim better. Swimming better takes patience. It takes patience because your body learns best when it goes slow and to get better you have to do heaps of drills. And you have to do heaps of drills slowly and in an exacting way. There’s no reason to do drills the wrong way, right? So when you’re done doing drills you have to do more drills. Get the picture? I knew one Professional triathlete who took two years to improve the catch phase of his swim stroke. It also takes patience because there are so many movements going on at the same time. I also believe you have to know the proper steps of the swim stroke to swim better. Entry, reach, catch, pull, finish and recovery. There you go. Now you have them. When I coach athletes I really enjoy seeing the A HA moment in their eyes after I explain the swim stroke to them and they get it. They see and understand why the smallest movements of the body can help or hinder the swim stroke. Then they understand why they need to slow down, glide and flow through the water. So, to go faster, slow down. Use your limitations as you’re strength. Finally!


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