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New Cycling Apparel Company- Who dis?

Is it possible for something new to be released in the cycling apparel world? Well, now there just might be. MYN Sport might just have an answer. I recently gave the F4X Short Sleeved jersey a month test and here are few highlights I found:

  • Super duper ultra light. If you like lightweight jerseys, this is for you. I was told a secret as to what material they use but I can't reveal. Suffice to say this jersey is what you want on hot days on the road

  • Soft! This jersey was soft and gave no chafing. Even after 4 hours of rain and humidity it never rubbed me the wrong way.

  • I'm a sleeve snob and very picky about sleeves being too short. The F4X has a great length sleeve with smooth edges

  • The neck! It has a nice low neck cut which offers no irritation and keeps the neck cool

I got the company to offer a discount for any readers out there. So make sure you go to and use code: bodyzen.


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