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Gear Review- Oakley Flight Jacket

Hands down the best sunnies ever made for multisport athletes. I've gone and reviewed Oakley gear for years and this is by far my most favorite pair. Oakley did it again with their stunning design but that's just secondary to the Prizm lens.

Here are the top five things I love about the Flight Jackets.

1. Advancer technology which allows you to move the lens up to 5mm away from the frame to reduce fogging. How did they come up with that? It's a game changer for those early morning rides.

2. The coverage across the brow and the side of your face blocks all wind and as a contact lens wearer this means no more dry eyes. This is all due to having no frame across the brow.

3. The Prizm lens is crystal clear and takes out all glare from the sun.

4. The Flight Jackets weigh less than they look so I forget I'm wearing them at all

5. They are sharp looking. Oakley designed killer angles and they look great for both men and women.

6. Perfect for running or riding and if I could I would swim with them. The fit and feel was excellent even when running at full gas.

No matter what pair of Oaks you get I would highlight the Prizm technology as a must have. Sign up for Oakley's newsletter and you'll soon see some coupon codes come your way so you have no reason not to buy a pair.


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