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Gear Review- Santini Custom Cycling Kits- Chrome Series

In the 22 years I've been running BodyZen I've made scores of kits from many different manufacturers. It seems like yesterday I was taking delivery of our first edition kits from a well known Italian company and I was so excited to have BodyZen branded kits. That feeling has not changed today. We did the Limited Edition 2019 Chrome kits with Italian super company Santini. If anyone knows how to do first class kits it's Santini since they've been a staple in the cycling world for decades. They are hands down the black card in custom cycling kits. I've now got over 400 miles in the saddle and here are the top ten things that make them standout.

1. Made in Italy. Yes, you know the quality is going to be amazing and better than anything China can produce.

2. The compression bands on the sleeve just feel good. They are almost seamless so no irritation at all.

3.The reflective details give you piece of mind in the early morning or late day rides.

4. Three pockets and an extra zippered pocket ensure you won't drop my gels, money or credit cards. It's great to have piece of mind.

5. The mesh sides are wonderful. Mesh will help you stay cool in hot weather rides and who doesn't love that.

6. The silicone band on the bottom keeps the fit snug and secure no matter how long the ride.

7. Chamois, chamois, chamois- what genius came up with the C3 chamois? Uber comfortable and perfect for all length rides. My tush has never been more comfortable.

8. The race fit of both the jersey and bibs ensure optimal aerodynamics and you can avoid the flap city look of other kits.

9. The seamless elastic braces are just awesome and more comfortable than those other ultra pricey brands.

10. The leg bands hold the bibs in place and you never even feel them.

All said these are the best kits we've ever made and the mix of fabrics and technology not only look perfect they function even better. Message us if you'd like to get yourself a kit but act fast. They are limited edition.


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