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Get Fast, Turn on the Gas!

You want to run faster. You want to turn your run into a weapon. Whether it’s off the bike or just for an open running race the following workout will leave you feeling burnt to a crisp, exhausted, spent and crushed. But, after repeating once a week for 4-6 weeks you’ll have a new level of running, a new level of confidence and ready for the the next level in your performance. Don’t think. Just run.

Warm up 10-20 minutes easy running with heart rate under 150 bpm

Stretch all large muscle groups for 1-2 minutes

Run 4 x :20 at 90% max effort; take 1 minute easy jog in between

Main Set:

:30 hard- 1:00 easy jog

1:00 hard- 1:00 easy jog

1:30 hard- 1:00 easy jog

2:00 hard- 1:00 easy jog

1:45 harder- :45 easy jog

1:30 harder- :45 easy jog

1:15 harder- :30 easy jog

1:00 harder- :30 easy jog

:30 hardest- :30 easy jog

End with 5-10 minutes of easy jogging or walking then stretch and use recovery methods like ice bath, recovery shakes, compression socks and sleep.


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