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Top Three Tips for Power Meter Training

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Let's dumb it down. Training with a power meter (PM) is an essential tool for cycling. With so many people training at home now due to Covid-19 (errrrr so horrible) it is even more crucial to understand power training. And I certainly hope you are safe during this crazy time.

The PM doesn't lie. Either you're putting out the watts or you're not. The PM will tell you in real time what force you're applying to the pedals. The old adage rings true- heart rate is a response to work being done and power is the work being done.

Here are the best three tips for PM training. For more insights into these tips and to take your training up a level leave a comment with your contact info-

-You're always monitoring NP,HR RPM & perceived exertion the same time not just watts -The watts don't lie.Either you're producing or you're not

-Less weight,more power=better w/kg. FOCUS


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